All You Need To Know Before Choosing Amc Of UPS

Initially, when UPS system launched in the market, manufacturers used to install and accomplish the initial set-up process, while the customer handled successive maintenance. Later, with advancement in technologies, manufacturers started offering annual maintenance contract for their UPS maintenance.

The major reason behind the AMC of UPS is to ensure system’s reliability and safety.  AMC also offers improved mean-time-to-repairs. In case of emergencies, the service providers give priority to the customers with the agreements. Additionally, service providers also stock their spare parts as per the number of UPS systems under AMC.

But, before looking to purchase the UPS maintenance agreements, there are few things that you need to consider:

Level Of Coverage:

The level of coverage offered is directly proportional to the price. Usually, larger the budget better the coverage level. The 3 main factors that determine the coverage levels are preventive inspections, inclusive of remedial labors and remedial parts.

Emergency Response Time:

It is the time taken by the service provider to arrive on-site in case of emergencies. It can vary from 2 to 24 hours. Always ensure to specify the emergency response time in the contract. Different response time can vary the agreement price.

Maintenance Coverage Windows:   

The most common maintenance coverage windows are 5*8(5 days a week) and 7*24(anytime). Consider reducing the coverage level in order to achieve same-day service.

The Expertise Of Service Provider:

Regardless of anything, you need to be sure that the service provider can deliver as promised. Ensure that the company has the necessary equipment, parts and expertise to provide quality service in a timely manner.

UPS systems play a vital role in maintaining power quality at countless facilities. If you’re considering AMC of ups, you’ll want to obtain one that fits your budget and improves reliability and minimizes downtime. Today, users can choose from a number of service providers. While considering one, specify the criteria such as coverage level, emergency response time and maintenance coverage window.

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