ups health checkup

UPS health checks

An assessment of the UPS system will be conducted to evaluate its condition and capability to function as a backup system. Our power protection experts are capable of carrying out this assessment for the majority of multi-vendor brands and third-party UPS systems. This analysis will include the following considerations:

UPS system age & technology

UPS component condition

UPS maintenance plan and remote monitoring

Regular battery maintenance is essential for protecting your standby power. Activolt understands this and offers dedicated specialists to perform rigorous battery maintenance, testing, and safe disposal. This helps to safeguard your investment, maximize uptime, and extend the life of your batteries. From testing and monitoring the current status of your batteries to preventive maintenance and replacing aging batteries, this comprehensive program ensures that your standby power is always reliable and ready.

The assessment will provide you with:

It is imperative that all health assessments be conducted on any UPS installation for the purpose of guaranteeing a continuous capacity to back up one's systems.