Battery testing & replacement

Battery testing & replacement

Batteries and battery sets are the essential, indispensable components of a UPS system in the event of a power outage. We collaborate with the most renowned battery companies to guarantee that uninterruptible power supplies and emergency power systems are in working order.

These include:


Protecting your standby power with rigorous battery maintenance means making sure your batteries are properly tested, discharged, and have their impedance tested. Regular testing will help determine the condition of the batteries and make sure they are performing correctly. Old batteries should be safely collected and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Activolt provides experts to ensure your batteries are working properly and last as long as possible.


We can help with replacing and getting rid of UPS batteries. We have the right licenses to do this, following all rules and laws. Our team is experienced in dealing with dangerous materials and will take away the old batteries in special containers, disposing of them safely and quickly. The benefits and features of our service include: