Liebert ITATH 30-40 kVA

Liebert ITA is a full featured transformer free scalable UPS designed to offer compact, efficient and reliable power to power thirsty modern electronic gadgets. It features double conversion online design that ensure continuous high qual ty power even when the main AC power fails.

Utilize state of the art technology and components to withstand fluctuation input main voltage Extra wide input voltage and frequency range effectively reduces the discharging period of battery, thus prolong battery life

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  • Input Power factor up to 0.99
  • Total Current Harmonic
  • Distortion CTHDO « 5%
  • High capacity battery
  • charger
  • 6-10kVA-80OkW
  • 10-20kVA- 4SkW
  • 30-40kVA-6kW
  • ITA 5-20kVA scalsble up to
  • 4 units in N+X configuration
  • Integrated parallel bad
  • bus and synchronzation
  • port (LBS)
  • Phase compatibilty
  • 5-10kVA 11
  • 20kVA 3/3 phase
  • 30-4OkVA 3/3 phase
  • Comprehensive value added
  • options including LPD UPD etc
  • Easy site installation and
  • configuration

Technical specifications