UPS Battery Maintenance Importance You Must Know!

Who would not appreciate a backup power supply? So, your uninterruptible power supply at the heart of it. Do you know that the many batteries that make up your UPS are each crucial to its functioning? One badly working battery can ruin your entire system and create havoc.

Especially in the places like data centre operations, this risk is highly unaffordable. Most of the time when you hear the UPS failed is because of the battery failure. There are different battery systems like the Vented Lead Acid (VLA), Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), Valve- Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA). It is observed that batter is by far one of the most vulnerable parts of your UPS.

Therefore, the regular maintenance of it comes into play to make sure that you have a battery backup when you really need it. When we talk about why such a criticality occurs, then you must understand that the primary concern is its environment conditions. Unfavourable conditions adversely affect the battery life and may cause reduction of their life. Extreme environments affect their abilities to function, conduct and store properly. Did you know that it is estimated that an increase of 8-10 degree Celsius in the temperature causes the battery life to reduce into half.

Thus, it is important to refer to the specifications recommended by the manufacturers of the uninterruptable power supply to operate the battery in specified range of temperatures.

Moreover, you must ensure that the batteries are charging correctly. For that you must pay attention to the float voltage and adjust it accordingly. There must be enough potential to charge the batteries. If you undercharge, it might reduce the life of the battery system. In some cases it may also be hazardous for your place.

While you are at it, make sure to perform yearly inspection. If you find any swelling or corrosion, beware of the premature failure of the battery. Do the visual inspection of the entire cabinet and rack. Look out for any leaking electrolyte which might cause interruptions in the circuit.

All in all, you must take care of the discussed factors like temperature, environment, leakage, float charge. Regular maintenance should result in longer life of the UPS battery. Also, it is advisable to consult a trained person for inspection and maintenance purpose.

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Important Things To Consider While Buying Online UPS In India

In this fast-paced life, technology has transformed the way we live and work. We want everything to be available at the touch of a button and the latest inventions and smart devices have helped us achieve that to a certain point. But this has also made us extremely dependable on the machines and gadgets. These all appliances need an uninterrupted electrical supply for its smooth and efficient functioning.

Unfortunately, the demand and supply ratio of the power supply is not balanced. Power cuts and fluctuations are the part of our day-to-day lives. Equipment sensitive to power fluctuations may get damaged and even the data can be lost in some cases. In such cases UPS role is indispensable. It works as a voltage stabilizer and regulates power flow into the equipment by handling power fluctuations and ensuring consistent power supply.

UPS is a must for home PC, office computers, large servers, etc and one needs to be ensured that you buy the best. Purchasing online UPS in India is a good option as it saves time.

However, there are certain things that need to be considered while buying online UPS in India.

  1. UPS are available in a wide range of battery capacity. Choose a UPS that is compatible with your computer needs.
  2. Ensure that the UPS power rating is suitable for your equipment. For instance, a home PC needs a UPS of 500-700VA while large servers will need high VA rating UPS. Also, remember your equipment back-up time needs.
  3. Check whether your UPS comes with a warranty period. Longer the period, better it is.
  4. Nowadays, UPS are available with many added features. Compare the different models, their features, prices, etc… Don’t forget to look for the Automatic Switch Regulation feature.
  5. UPS comes with rechargeable and replaceable battery. A good UPS shouldn’t cause any trouble for minimum 3 years.
  6. It should always be grounded to avoid mishaps and should never be overloaded.
  7. Also, try to inquire about the AMC plans and which parts would be covered under it.
  8. Look for the different types of batteries available. Some of them are Normal/standard battery, Tubular battery or SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free).

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