4 Questions You Need To Ask While Buying A UPS System

Power blackout is unpredictable. Although rare, these can knock out your computer when you need it most, even causing you thousands of dollars. But, never fear! Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the ultimate solution. It helps keep your system up and running during a power cut. But before you select one, there are few questions that you need to ask yourself while buying online UPS in India.Question 1: Do I need a desktop UPS or server/network UPS?Answer: If you are considering buying UPS for your home or office, desktop UPS can do the job. Network/Server UPS systems protect computers and peripherals in high-availability environments like data centres.Question 2: How much UPS capacity do I need?Answer: Calculate the capacity requirements by adding up the wattage of all the equipment you plan to connect. Check the out the specifications of various models to find the one that can handle your requirements.Question 3: Which input and output power connections do I need?  

While buying online UPS in India check out the specifications of various models to ensure that the UPS is compatible to connect to the AC circuit at the installation location. Also, ensure that the outlet satisfies the voltage requirement of the equipment. You can even provide additional outlets, location flexibility, and management capabilities by connecting PDU’s to the UPS output.

Question 4: How much battery backup time is provided by the UPS?

UPS systems typically provide 5 to 10 minutes of runtime, long enough to outlast most outages. If you are looking for additional runtime, go for a UPS system that supports connecting external batteries.

Answering questions will help you choose the best online UPS systems in India. To shorten your search, Activolt is the leading supplier and installers of a wide range of UPS systems in India. Get yours today!

Why You Should Opt For UPS Hire Service?

Electricity is the basic necessity of our everyday lives. Without electricity, business operations are inconceivable. We all have felt the pain of losing our hours of research on a project due to electricity failure. It can be a severe loss of employees and needless to say, business.Power failure is beyond our control, but what we can control is the preventative measures. This is when the need for reliable UPS systems arises. It can save your day. What’s even better is that you can hire these UPS systems.Having UPS is an essential need for both personal and professional needs. Besides peace of mind, below listed are the several benefits associated with the UPS on hire service.

Low Maintenance:

Just like any other device, a UPS also requires time to time maintenance and servicing. Owing one would mean extra maintenance cost. The regular servicing needs to be done in a timely manner. Especially, if you’re willing to keep the process flow automatically, you need the proper planning of the maintenance and keep up well beforehand.

On the other hand, if you opt for UPS on hire, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and it allows you to function without any hassles or interruptions.

Cost Effective:

Not all your projects require a power back up. In such situations, owning UPS systems can add to your expenses. This extra cost can be avoided by renting a UPS system. It avails you a well-functioning power back up system without spending huge. It also saves you from the extra expenses involved in storage, maintenance and transportation.


Owning a UPS system lets you stick to the one. You’ll have to use the same size, output and rating for all your varied needs. To ensure that you always have a right back up device, you can always hire a UPS instead of owning one. Rental UPS are available for as long as you need. Above all, you don’t have to worry about the correct device for your specific requirements, as the experts from the rental company will always be there to advise you on the most suitable device.

Handy Technicians:

When you own a UPS, you even need an assistance around the clock to ensure smooth operations. This can add to your expenditures. When you choose UPS on hire service, the company vouches to give you service as and when required. Right from set-up operations, the technician will be available for the service 24*7, no matter where you are.

All in all, why invest in a power system and add to your expenses? Instead, go for UPS on hire service and avoid the additional time and money spent on its maintenance. Activolt offers reliable and cost-effective UPS on hire service. The company’s expertise is an add-on benefit that will enable you best functioning power back. Save yourself from all the stress by renting a UPS power backup system.

Reasons Behind The Immense Popularity Of Modular UPS Systems!

Modular UPS systems have lately gained momentum due to an attractive concept of answering power protection needs as you grow. It enables you to increase UPS capacity whenever needed with the help of small, light-weight, compact, low cost modules, without allocating additional physical space.There are several reasons behind the modular UPS system becoming extremely popular. The in-service testing of the latest efficient power circuitry makes the UPS system faster and more reliable.

Within the corporate environment, it is vital for the organizations to have the correct backup systems in place, with the consumers being able to get support 24*7, it is essential that their systems don’t shut down. This is especially important in large e-commerce businesses, banks and hospitals where power-breakdown can result in severe monetary loss and even lives.

With the advancement in technology, there is no longer need for a transformer in the system; meaning, that the system itself has a great improvement. The size and weight of the system had dramatically reduced. From 1200kg, the 120KvA system has decreased down to 370kg. These had resulted in a smaller footprint and lower transportation cost.

Modular UPS system uses much less energy as compared to the traditional stand-alone unit. With the rise energy rates and the legislative on companies to reduce their carbon emission, this system upgrade had become vital, using significantly less energy and emitting lower carbon emissions.

In terms of initial capital costs, a modular system can cost more than a standalone unit. However, this will be offset by the modular systems reduced operating costs. The cost the system also offers greater flexibility, lower footprint, better availability and easier manageability throughout its life.

So if you interested in protecting you business from potential power failures, why not invest in good modular UPS system. Activolt offers a wide range of modular UPS systems that are technically advanced and are made up of individual single phase modules. They are redundant and self-configuring so that the power can be increased quickly and safely.

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