Deploy a Fully Configured Data Center in Just Weeks. Availability, Capacity, Eiciency

The SmartRow™ infrastructure from Vertiv is a simplified, standardized and quickly deployable data center environment with significant CAPEX and OPEX savings over conventional designs. No other solution in the market provides such ease of deployment and integration. This complete data center infrastructure solution allows you to easily deploy and eectively manage an integrated IT infrastructure without being limited by building systems such as fire suppression and cooling

SmartRow is available in two to eight -rack configurations for up to 40kVA. The solution allows the flexibility of starting small and expanding over time


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  • Significantly reduces the cost of room upgrades or modifications
  • Optimizes use of space
  • Reduces cooling power usage through contained airflow, and high e­iciency technologies
  • Increases IT control and productivity
  • Deploys in weeks, not months

Technical specifications