Liebert Hipulse-EX

Feature – Loaded UPS
We have studied the emerging needs of our customers and have engineered what we have learned into the new, upgraded Liebert® Hipulse-U. Now it offers you more value and power per square meter. You will find that the Liebert® Hipulse-U offers unique features that address the needs of you business today and is designed to handle the needs that are expected in the future.

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  • Rated at 0.9 output power factor to deliver more active power
  • Fully Digital, twin DSP controlled
  • On-Line Double Conversion IGBT-based PWM Inverter
  • Wide input voltage tolerance (+20/-20%)
  • Wide input frequency range of 45H2 to 65H2
  • High overload capability of static bypass (14 times for 10 milliseconds and 10 times for 100 milliseconds
  • Handle leading power factor loads without KW derating under specified conditions
  • Capability to handle:
  • Built-in maintenance bypass
  • Front access for spares replacement and preventive maintenance
  • Easy Dual bus configuration architecture
  • Adiustable frequency synchronization window up to 6% in the static bypass
  • Provision of automatic battery circuit breaker instead of using conventional isolator in the PC path
  • Field protocols ModBus / Jbus
  • Network protocols SNMP
  • Overload capability of the UPS
  • Easy Scalability without centralised Main Static Switch (MSS)
  • Compact footprint

Technical specifications