Liebert® APMTM 18kW – 90kW

An Adaptable UPS that Meets increasing Power requirements

Liebert® FlexPowerTM core assemblies incorporate distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common module. This technology allows configuration of a completely redundant power and control system, sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment, when power requirements change, capacity is easily added –
without increasing the system footprint. Using Flexpower core assemblies, the Liebert® APMTM can scale from 18 to 90kW in 18kW increments within a single cabinet.


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  • Intelligent Server Power Manager
  • Modular Power Distribution Module
  • Hot Swappable circuit Breaker
  • Built-in distribution switch and manual maintenance bypass
  • Standalone static bypass module
  • Hot swappable module
  • Unity Power Factor*; 18 kW module

Technical specifications