Amaron Quanta – HWS

AMARON QUANTA – HWS has been designed to exacting standards at our state of the art facility with an emphasis on reliability which is our hallmark. Uniquely built, AMARON QUANTA – HWS promises instant discharge negating the usual downtime in mission critical applications. Besides ensuring faster charging with high efficiency on resumption of power the lower operating costs make AMARON QUANTA – HWS an ideal choice for a host of critical power applications, especially in the IT & ITES segment (DATA centers) and Process industries.

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  • Delivers up to 25% more power to support high rate discharge application
  • Lower IR Values results in 10% quick recharge
  • High Volumetric Energy Density, require 10% less space
  • 15% high specific energy results in low floor loading
  • Batteries can sized and discharges up to 1.67EV